Fuel Subsidy Implementation #2

So, indeed people are listening, perhaps not just to my blog but also to the opinions around the Internet.

Earlier on, I wrote that the proposed fuel subsidy implementation will have to be challenged with couple of difficulties and issues.

Now that the Petrol Dealers Association has expressed concerns that those predicted hiccups can cause more headaches than just being real.

Having some experiences with fingerprinting and MyKad scanning, I know that some MyKads will not work properly and some folks' fingerprint will not work.

Scanning with MyKad will be easier, but if you have to perform verification using fingerprint, then I would say that each transaction will be at least 10 seconds more, discounting the fact that first attempt may fail.

Then users will have to swipe the credit card and etc. It doesn't require a PhD to think that introducing more processes into something will cause a surge in delay, the question is how long and how well things can cope with.

Nevertheless, I recently realized that my Proton Iswara doesn't work to optimum level when using RON 95, this is because the minimum requirement is RON 97. The symptom is that when the fuel tank is about to go empty, you will get the feeling where the car is going to get choke along the way, it is like having blood clot. So, I realize that if I keep driving the same car, I need to mix between RON 95 and RON 97.

So, many Malaysians still require fuel subsidy.

Earlier on, I suggested to have some sort of backup solutions in case the real-time system doesn't work fine. I think we need some sort of receipt scanning and OCR system for petrol buyers to scan their receipts for some sort of 'bank' reconciliation.

Let's wait for the trial run on April 2010 as suggested.