Fuel Subsidy Implementation #3

Refer to 'Fuel Subsidy Implementation #2'

Latest updates afloat that the government may indeed scrap the proposed fuel subsidy implementation.

According to Sinchew-i, the government may announced (by March) RON 95 to cost RM 0.10 more every liter while RON 97 is expected to increase as well.

This update is unconfirmed as it didn't make it to the headlines of TheStar.

Some comments from TheStar reported some suggestions from consumer.
  • Using MyKad as some sort of debit card for the subsidy program. - I think this is possible
  • Let the petrol price to float according to market value. - There must be reasons the government wouldn't scrap the subsidy program totally.

According to the report from Sinchew-i, the most important vision of the government in thoughts of the proposed fuel subsidy, is to help ease burden of the those needed. This is good, well perhaps we should look at some reimbursement system; automatic reimbursement system.