Malaysia Government Grants and Contemporary Financial Asistance (4 Feb 2010)

Ok ok, I went to this event briefly for the morning session.

It was held at Auditorium 1, Enterprise 4, Technology Park Malaysia (TPM).

I was late actually, the keynote was presented by someone representing TPM(i didn't get his name), he said he can help out entreprenuers as the capacity of business coach. He was mainly talking about the upcoming development of TPM.

Up next was MDec represented by Jamie. Jamie wasn't in great mood because his Windows laptop crashed on him yesterday. I guess that he must have lost a lot of files, yeah that is bad. And he blamed it on Windows. ok.

So, he presented without slides.

According to Jamie, Pre-seed funding is official halted and they have now like 300 ++ pre-seed entrepreneurs. There are funds available but is requesting permission from the government to extend for 2010. So far no news yet.

However, more interestingly, Jamie was talking about MSC is not just about MSC status. Right now, they are in the mood of nurturing from A to Z. He mentioned that now you can walk into MDeC and ask for just any help, they wanted to listen to you, you are the star and they wanted to help. He quoted two examples of having some initiatives with Nokia Singapore and Yahoo.

Nokia Singapore is interested to help out entreprenuers through MDeC as well as Yahoo is interested to help out those involve with Internet based business. Yahoo is willing to provide mentoring, PR and etc.

MDeC is also in the mood of helping out enterpreneurs to look for VC, you don't need to be anything like pre-seed or whatever. So, go talk to MDeC. Look for Jamie first.

The next presentation was from SIRIM. The speaker is a nice person and soft talker and he was talking mainly about manufacturing stuff which I didn't relate to a lot.

Up next before the first tea break was briefing about 'Mobile Youth Unconference Asia'.

It was presented by an energetic person.

What so cool about this event was it will be held in Malaysia for the first time on 11-12 March 2010, Berjaya Time Squares.

It is about gathering of 160 trendsetters and youth brands (corporate).

The highlight of the event is "Young Ideas Salon" where these corporate brands and products will pitch to participants about their ideas in groups (in break out sessions) in order to find the real insights.

Check out the web site for more details.

Finally, the following are the grants and financial assistant still available:
  • Networked Content Development Grant(NCDG) by MCMC
  • Soft Loan Schemes (by MIDF)
  • InnoFund and TechnoFund (by MOSTI).
  • CIP 500 (by Cradle)
  • Micro and Corporate Financing (by Banks)

I didn't sit through the whole day and I don't have details.

By the way, this event was organized by MAD (Making a Difference).

The MAD Incubator BizStart Program is designed to help technopreneurs to create quality businesses through quality ideas.

Based on a one-to-one format, the BizStart Program is a 2-months business accelerator program where MAD Incubator will assist would-be technopreneurs in researching, developing and refining their ideas; and eventually coming up with a business model, project timeline and business plan that is investor-friendly and read for execution.