VB6 to VB.NET eBook

This eBook documented the first few things (50 things in total) that you should worry about when converting your software application from Microsoft VB6 to Microsoft VB.NET

This is will give you an idea of how much work you have to do in terms of the conversion.

One of the hardest part (in terms of VB6 & VB.NET conversion) is GUI, such as usage of ListView. (This doesn't imply that GUI development in VB.NET is the hardest topic in VB.NET.)

This eBook is written by me based on actual experience of performing VB6 to VB.NET conversion.

Download the eBook (in PDF Format).

It took me almost one year to compile. This is also a dream of many years. My next similar project will be VB.NET to C#.NET guide. I haven't study the feasibility but if there is a need, I will do it. Hopefully will come by 2011.

Stay tune and happy programming!

The world shall live on.