Juniper Networks Enables Tokyo Stock Exchange’s Arrownet to Hit Low-Latency Financial Trading Target

Juniper Networks®, Inc., the leader in high-performance networking, today announced the successful implementation of the “arrownet” project at the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE). Powered by Juniper Networks M Series Multiservice Edge Routers and Junos operating system, arrownet is TSE’s low-latency, ultra-reliable, high-capacity network that supports its next-generation securities trading system, “arrowhead.”

The TSE is putting in place a number of IT innovations, including arrownet, to pave its way to becoming a Universal Exchange for securities, options and derivatives trading. TSE selected Juniper Networks M320 and M120 Multiservice Edge Routers to form the core and access layers of the new network, based on their outstanding performance, reliability and track record with other exchanges and carriers.
“We look for our IT infrastructure to be secure, reliable and able to quickly accommodate and adapt to changes in market conditions,” said Yoshinori Suzuki, Managing Director and CIO of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. “With Juniper’s high-performance routers in place, arrownet is an important network platform upon which we have built arrowhead. The ultra low-latency response investors have been experiencing since the release of arrowhead proves that arrownet is delivering on our vision to supply a world-class trading infrastructure that is able to compete on equal terms with, or even surpass, any other financial market in the world.”

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