LogTransport2.exe Is Taking Too Much CPU%

The other day I was in shock, not closer to the state of insanity, except that I almost consented to my fate that my laptop's hard disk may have crashed.

As I am doing .NET development these days, there is no doubt that I will very frequently launch up Visual Studio 2008 and do some coding and building the codes. During that day, first time in two years, Visual Studio 2008 hung on me. Restarted later, I started Visual Studio 2008 again and tried to build the codes, it hung again.

As I don't think that it is the fault of Visual Studio 2008, my thoughts was that it could be hard disk. Then luckily I check out Windows Task Manager for the CPU utilization percentage. I was amazed to find that over 90% of CPU% is on-going and keep going. This must be the reason responsible for the hangs and slow-response. Checking out further, I realized that the biggest contributor of high CPU utilization percentage is a process by LogTransport2.exe.

It is fine with high CPU utilization percentage (if there is a large amount of data to be processed), however, in this case, it lingers on (over 40%) for a longer than expected period. I can say that I waited for over more than 2 minutes and it is still ongoing. Well, I didn't wait for 5 minutes because I needed to get something urgently done, so I just terminated the process from Windows Task Manager.

I check on Google revealed that it is part of Adobe's 'Improvement Program Options' which can be turned off. So I did that.

If a particular processes uses too much CPU utilization for an extended period, other processes will have to wait for CPU resources in order to get things done. The memory (private memory set) indicator is not a really big deal yet because that doesn't contribute directly to slow-responsiveness or computer hang. A big usage of memory means that the process is processing large amount of data and that should be fine, and a proper managed process should see the memory usage fluctuates up and down.

Perhaps LogTransport2.exe is not suitable for development machine where other development related processes will require high CPU resources at anytime.