Society Spontaneous Gives Rise to Growing Software Requirement Diversity

Software companies are facing some rising challenges.

Refer to 'Not totally safe with antivirus software'

Symantec suggested it is getting harder to keep up with growing threats.

It has become more evident that even if you are using antivirus software, sometimes you will still get infected.

They may be coming up with new range of products, this signals a bigger problems for software companies.

How can software companies able to keep up with diversity of challenges with limited resources and budgeted cost ?

You can't keep increasing the head count internally... As diversity increases, you still have to.

But if you try to focus on a particular scope of problem (to solve), you can only hope that the problem will not evolve bigger.

This is not about making Windows 95 to Windows 7, it is also much better if you are making Toyota and later on you will be making flying cars.

This is something else.