The Trends For Mobile Computing - Automation

If you doing something in Kayu, and you wanted to advertise something, what would you do ?

Most probably you need to have a mobile phone and connect to the Internet via 3G service and hopefully you can do the required tasks what you would have performed with a computer and Internet connection.

By the way, Kayu doesn't offer free WiFi.

So, most likely you will have to check out the TV screens and jolt down the URLs and go back to your office and get things done later.

But this practice is so unbecoming and probably wasting energy.

Mobile computing is sure to hit if not for now and in the near future. In fact, to some sources, it is exploding.

If you check out the white paper 'Mobile Networks at the Tipping Point: The Data Explosion and Next Generation Network Challenge'

It confirms that in the USA, exploding data traffic over the mobile network is happening. Referring to iPhone-AT&T, has for example seen data traffic rise nearly 5,000% over the last 12 quarters.

People definitely going to love to do things while on the go; mobile.

But what I think is that it is not because smartphones aren't innovative enough or that not many has yet to own smartphone, but rather the phone will always be something that has limited screens. You call iphone a phone, iPad a tablet, and iBook a laptop. Unless you like to carry your iPad and iBook with you all the time, then maybe you are one of the kind. The fact is that, a mobile phone should be small enough to cater space for something else.

Thus, the missing link is not to wait for some kind of smartphones with floating holographic screens and keypads which you can do wonders while sitting at the coffee shop or got stuck in the traffic jam. It should be automation.

Let's imagine you subscribed to a service which will serve you with requests.
  1. Send command to the service using voice or text or click
  2. Have the service performed some kind of processes
  3. The service will respond back to you in terms of voice and etc
if this can work, you can call up the service and tell the service "hey, help me to advertise my product at Kayu's advertisement networks. Go to my website to get the product details"

Moments later, your products are being advertised at Kayu's advertisement.

This will be great. Not only you will spend less efforts, you will also get to live longer.

Automation features can have many applications, such as:
  • Search something (i.e search for product reviews)
  • Read emails
  • Call up someone and read him or her an article
  • Calculate something
  • Shopping
  • etc

Having such technology, people get to do less for more, live longer while achieving more quality lifestyles.


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