What Really Happened When MS Doc Opened Became (Read Only)

Have you ever been in a situation where you were rushing for works, many works and you quickly opened up a MS Word document, make a small changes and immediately press the save button.

You had wanted to get on with it quickly, but it couldn't be saved.

MS Word said that your document is read-only.

You are stunned. How can your MS Word file become read-only ?

I think that it is because before the MS Word file is fully loaded, and should you have immediately pressed the save button, changes cannot be made because another process (thread) is loading the document. Thus, the save process (thread) does not have the access right.

This is quite hard to simulate. It just happened to me and due to my experience in multi-threading programming, I came to realize that my theory may not be too much of a speculation.

This means that whenever this happens again, your computer is not being attacked by virus or Trojan Horse and you are not being hacked. It is just MS Word process of preventing crash and data corruption.

Perhaps let me try to simulate it later.

I need to increase the CPU utilization to about 50%, this will slow down processing. Then I will load a big MS Word file and try to save it immediately.