Coming Soon To Your iPhone: Junos Pulse

(locally attributable to Wan Ahmad Kamal, Country Manager, Juniper Networks Malaysia):

“Some great news for enterprises came from Apple today in the form of the iPhone OS 4 announcement. In addition to a myriad of new and exciting end-user tools, including over 100 new features such as games and multitasking, Apple is taking a few steps to improve the iPhone’s ability to help enterprises manage the information flowing to and from their networks. One such feature will be the OS 4 support of SSL VPN applications, including Juniper’s.

Apple held a press event at its Cupertino, CA headquarters (April 8) to offer a sneak peek at the latest updates to the iPhone OS 4 software. During this event and in Apple’s press release, Apple mentioned that the new iPhone OS will support Juniper’s SSL VPN. The application that Juniper is developing for the iPhone OS 4 release is Junos® Pulse. What this means is that future support for Juniper’s industry leading SSL VPN and Junos Pulse will come to the iPhone. Today’s announcement is obviously very exciting for us – we are working hand-in-hand with Apple to pioneer SSL VPN support on yet another mobile platform, and this is a significant announcement for our enterprise and service provider customers, as we can now have clear discussions around SSL VPN, Junos Pulse and the iPhone with them.

A little background on Junos Pulse: It is the industry’s first downloadable client software that provides secure connections across smartphones, notebooks, netbooks as well as non-mobile devices to a broad range of corporate applications. Leveraging the world’s most scalable SSL VPN technology, Junos Pulse ensures a better, simpler experience for users where they may be. At Mobile World Congress 2010, we announced Junos Pulse support for Microsoft Windows phones and Nokia Symbian OS devices.

When fully released, OS 4 will have integrated, world-class SSL VPN capabilities versus just supporting IPSec VPNs. All the advantages of an SSL VPN, decreased deployment and support costs while delivering identity-enabled, secure mobile network access, will be available on the iPhone.

At Juniper, we talk a lot about “The New Network” and taxing load new, ubiquitous mobile devices and video place on the network infrastructure carrying them. However, the problem with protecting those networks, and the sensitive information transported on them, is just as paramount. Today’s announcement is the first step in a process that will assure a user’s corporate managed and personal iPhone meets corporate policies prior to network access. This means increased productivity by enabling the secure access of company applications and assets via their iPhones.”