Intel Xeon 7500 - 16 Logical Processors

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Based on the Nehalem architecture, the Xeon 7500 series is noteworthy because it integrates all eight cores onto the die. Together with HyperThreading, this gives it a total of 16 logical processors.

What 16 logical processors can mean to you in terms of software programming ?

First of all, if you have a duo core processor, it means that there are two processors and Quad core means four.

And if you are creating a multi-threading application, the number of foreground thread you can start at a single time should be the number of processor you are having; if you are doing it on a duo core machine, it should be two.

However, that doesn't mean that you can't start more than two foreground threads at one go, just that only two will be running at one time while others will wait. As a result, this will increase your CPU utilization.

Check out MSDN documentation.

Thus, with 16 logical processors, you can start 16 foreground threads at a single time.