Juniper Networks Announces Definitive Agreement to Acquire Ankeena Networks; Expands Junos-Ready Software Portfolio

According to CIMI research, 22 of the top 23 service providers are planning or building content delivery services. In addition, most managed video delivery companies (cable, satellite, IPTV) are developing 3 screen solutions. As CIMI research indicates that video will account for 81 percent of network traffic growth by 2014, Juniper’s service provider customers have to be ready to efficiently store, distribute and deliver rich media at scale.

With existing relationships with the world’s top 100 service providers, Juniper is working closely with customers to deliver high-performance new media solutions optimized for the next-generation service provider network. Ankeena and Juniper partnered in 2009 to develop innovative solutions for new media delivery - solutions that ensure a superior television-like viewing user experience and significantly improved economics.

Juniper’s acquisition of Ankeena Networks - leveraging Ankeena technology and Junos Ready software, will make Juniper’s product portfolio highly competitive in existing and future CDN build outs and 3 screen media delivery solutions (mobile devices, PCs, STBs) in alignment with Juniper’s vision for the “New Network”. The Ankeena technology makes Juniper a leading provider and competitor in this fast-growing market.

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