National University of Singapore Migrates WAN to Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks® announced that the National University of Singapore (NUS) has migrated its wide area networking (WAN) infrastructure to robust routers running the Junos® operating system. Deployment of Juniper Networks' MX-Series Universal Edge Routers and M-Series Multiservice Edge Routers has enabled NUS to simplify its WAN while increasing capacity and reliability and also paving the way for the use of IPv6.

NUS has experienced a huge increase in IP network traffic in recent years, particularly in delay-sensitive voice and video payloads. Unlike most other universities, however, NUS operates an international network with points-of-presence in Hong Kong, Los Angeles, and provides the Singapore Open Exchange (SOX), a carrier-neutral Internet exchange point for the local Internet community to exchange traffic freely.

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Creative Psycho said…

NUS Networks can be hacked !!!
Brandon Teoh said…
This is good sharing.

However, it doesn't imply that migration to Juniper Networks is not a good choice.