The Next Gold Rush - Don't Miss It

Check out my earlier prediction on mobile computing trends.

And also my appreciation of what came out of Nokia Innovation Day on Forum Nokia (5 April 2010).

Make no mistake, the business world is a tough one and the software business is tougher because today I can be selling 1 million copies of software, next year I am obsolete, maybe because some big boys have made something free again. But we can't really blame them, without technologies from big boys, big risks taker-entrepreneur like me will not even stand a chance of making any difference. Thus, we have to give and take.

The fact is that the only way to make money is to have people to buy something, and that don't assume that if you can create a great software or product (today), someone is going to buy it tomorrow. It is all about trends.

In Malaysia, I would say the biggest cake is in accounting software, payroll and that sort. The general idea is that in a typical company, you will need all kind of software, but most will only pay for a few.

I think the trend of mobile apps where people buy apps at low cost may boom soon, thanks to iPhone's AppStore, now we are seeing everybody is following suit.

But this gold rush (if it comes true), will not ensure a longevity income for you. Because the moment it reaches peak, there is basically not much money margin to make anymore. Unless you have a game which people like it so much that you keep creating a new version, but this belongs to the big boys.

So, let's wait for others to announce their AppStore, whilst Nokia has just launced N900 (alongside its OVI store) which is still pretty much a luxury, I still think that software developers have a timeline of 1 to 2 years to prepare for the mining.

Start building your passion application for mobile phones and hopefully you can reap a big chunk of cash in this coming 2 years. It is counting every second.

This is your another chance (at least) since dot-com.

Maybe you want to retire after this war.

And if you have succeeded (after these 2 years), don't go and buy luxuries, switch to bicycle. Lead a simple and less stressful life. However, you must promise me to keep working for good. Don't get wasted on the beach or at The Library.

If you are employed full time, secretly work out something during the weekends. Or just sleep, eat and play less (for 2 years).

I can assure you that it is going to be painful, you have to bear it.

Whenever you feel like giving up, don't. Come back to read this blog or send me email (

Good luck!