Visual Studio 2010 Launching At Sunway Convention Center

Ok, I checked myself into the launching of Visual Studio 2010 by Microsoft.

According to speaker Dave Mendlen, that his team has been working on VS 2010 for the past 3 years.

Basically, Visual Studio 2010 will just have more features which include:
  • Multi monitor support for developers. Now you can open code in one monitor and the user interface for the same object in another monitor.
  • Zoom in and out capability
  • Intellisense support for frameworks like JQuery and AJAX frameworks.
Above all, Visual Studio 2010 provides libraries for Windows 7 development which include:
  • Multi-touch support
  • Animation support
  • Ribbon support
All these are implying that Visual Studio 2010 is going all out for Windows Presentation Foundation, a new UI (user interface) technology from Microsoft which provides more flexibility for developers.

The best part of the keynote is about cloud computing.

Cloud computing is a concept where applications get to scale dynamically (based on infrastructure). And Microsoft is introducing the thing called Windows Azure.

Windows Azure is a platform for cloud computing, in short it is about a platform which you have access to a large number of computers or servers.

Speaker David Chappell explains a new wave coming. The way I see it, Windows Azure is going to be a hit because of the following reasons:
  1. First of all, Visual Studio is considered to be the most successful software development tool in the world and with integration with a cloud computing, it means that now with a few clicks, any developers can develop application for cloud computing. In this manner, integration is king.
  2. Windows Azure only charges for every hours when cloud computing resources are being used, otherwise, there is no charge for hosting. This means that it is like having credit card, you only use when requires and only pay for the usage while you have the credits at your disposal all the time.
  3. For startups which wanted to try luck on large scale applications, there is no need to concern about data center.
  4. Applications which requires on-demand large scale computing resources or parallel computing resources such as artificial intelligence, 3D imaging and etc
  5. A development team can become smaller and smaller, it fact, it may even be possible to run an IT firm with large scale deployment all by yourself.
All these are painting a better and practical reality of on-demand, never has on-demand been more threatening than now. This is because if Windows Azure runs well, it may scale down other things like:
  • Web hosting - because lesser investments will be made to acquire hosting which may not be fully utilized
  • Web development - web development used to be more pain than desktop development because you need to have more components like server, web server, hosting and etc. Now with Visual Studio integration with cloud computing platform, you can create web application at a faster pace.
With Windows Azure, just think about on-demand.

On-demand large scale, on-demand parallel, on-demand storage, on-demand high reliability and on-demand integration.

As David Chappell puts it, the cloud computing is going to be a new wave because it is a new computing platform after the mobile phone, server, PC, minicomputer and mainframe.