Apple on Flash and HTML5

In a recent sharing with Apple's customer, CEO Steve Jobs highlighted some thoughts about Adobe's Flash.

Steve highlighted 6 reasons for Apple not adopting the Adobe's Flash platform. To decode a bigger picture, what Steve thinks is that Flash these days are good for two things:
  • Videos
  • Games
And Apple devices is able to present viewers with Flash decoded videos by having the hardware decoder of H.264 technology embedded into the devices. This explains why viewing YouTube videos in iPod Touch is slower than viewing on PC. But what Steve was saying is that even without adopting Flash platform, iPod Touch users are still able to view Flash videos from YouTube. Fair enough.

As for games, Steve thinks that Flash platform may not (for now and future) fully utilize the capability of Apple devices and as a result of this, games or mobile application developed on Flash platform for Apple devices may perform worst than in PC or other devices. This is what Apple is trying to avoid. Therefore, it is still better to develop games and mobile apps using Apple's development tools.

Finally, for Flash oriented web site, Steve thinks that it should be replaced with HTML5, CSS and Javascript technologies because all these are open standards.

To my opinion, I digested that based on what Steve has mentioned, the biggest reason is actually Flash is not an opened platform which Apple is not able to control. In Windows development sense, this is like you are building a solution by using third party DLL files. Even though it is nice that one can leverage to gain time and safe cost, but it is bad for long term strategies. This is because the third party DLL files may not performed up to optimized level and may have bugs which Apple can't control.

The biggest conclusion is that businesses are selfish and meant to protect own boundaries. That is fair, and unless Apple is willing to buy up the Flash platform from Adobe, having Flash on Apple devices may have to wait longer.


David said…
It will be interesting to see which technology people are going to adopt - Flash or HTML5. A lot of websites have already started adopting HTML5. Anyone looking for embedding HTML5 videos to their websites will definitely find this article on useful.