Bill Gates Thinks Humanity Biggest Threat Is The Climate And Has A Deadline

So, Bill Gates, Microsoft founder and one of the person that I look up to (at least I like to know what he is up to and I am never a critic) has revealed that the biggest threat to humanity is the climate.

More so, it has a deadline. It is 2050.

Check out the video.

The idea is that if the world keeps emitting CO2, by 2050, the world will be a pretty tough place to live in where nature will be history. Plants will not grow, starvation will be eminent and simply quite difficult to imagine. I am not sure, can you ?

Experts concluded that by 2020, 20% of CO2 should be eliminated from the environment while by 2050, 80% of CO2 should be eliminated. That is the CO2 problem or constraint that we should concern with.

And in order to achieve that goal, majority of current methods of producing energy will have to be replaced with new method which will produce very little CO2.

So he came out with a plan, that is to completely reinvent the production of energy which will emit zero percent of CO2 and it will be done via nuclear energy. A team known as TerraPower has been formed.

And Bill explained that why is it possible now than when Albert Einstein was around ?

The answer is that now it is possible to make use of supercomputer and state of the art software to simulate what was not possible then, even by Einstein's standard.

Fair enough, TerraPower will make use of Microsoft experience in software to achieve the feat.

And by the way, I have came up with an idea (which I am pursuing soon) which co-incidentally may contribute a very small portion to this challenge as well, so stay tune for me.

Good luck TerraPower and work hard.

This is certainly the most exciting time for the history mankind.