F5 Extends Application and Data Security to the Cloud

F5 Networks, Inc., introduced the elevated security in BIG-IP Version 10.2 that includes BIG-IP® Local Traffic Manager™, BIG-IP Edge Gateway™, and BIG-IP Application Security Manager™. The BIG-IP Version 10.2 safeguards application and data deployed in the cloud, while optimizing access by the users at a lower infrastructure costs.

Even though cloud environments can be key resources to leverage enhanced scalability and lower expenses, there are security concerns involving the sensitive enterprise applications and data transported into the cloud. With BIG-IP security solutions, customers can assign policy-based access permissions according to user, location and device.

Security is the priority under the umbrella of BIG-IP v10.2 that combines critical components needed for cloud computing which are: Delivery, Security, Optimization, and Access Control onto a single platform where security capabilities can be extended across data center in the cloud.

While data security is a critical success factor for cloud computing. This will concern more towards data center operators than end users.

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