Microsoft CAL - When Do You Really Need It ?

1. CAL(Client Access Licensing) Basics:

NT Termination License is outdated, now is called CAL (Client Access Licensing).

CAL is a form of paper agreement, it will not affect the operation of the software.

Consider a small business network where the computers are used by ten people, but there are never more than five people on site using the computers at any one time. In this scenario, only five CALs are needed.

Only terminal services (for Remote Desktop Connection) requires CAL. FTP, pipe, HTTP do not require CAL.

2. Application:

For file transfer, one can use either FTP or pipe. To use FTP, FTP service must be configured properly in Windows 2008 server.

For login to the server to operate certain resources such as using server installed application, one has to use Remote Desktop Connection which requires CAL.

3. Port Forwarding:

The router and firewall must be configured to allow port forwarding for FTP and Remote Desktop Connection.

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