New Ways of Becoming Famous..

To become famous is easier these days, thanks to Internet, blogs, YouTube, Wikipedia and Facebook maybe.

When I was dealing with marketing (as VP for a startup) few years ago, I know ways to mingle around, getting myself around the people of the industry and knowing more people. The easiest way is to attend events of all sorts and bring along your business cards. It is an okay trade-off for spam emails invitations, at least I get my marketing across.

However, what I want to talk about here is not about getting more contacts, I want to talk about how you can become known easier.

Let's quote the example of being in an exhibition as exhibitor which in my opinion is not effective enough (anymore). Of course after you have paid for a booth, you will feel excited that people will now come to visit your and listen to your preaching, but more often than usual, nobody will really remember and your brochures will end up somewhere in the office which will end up in the trash at least a few years later.

And sometimes it made me wonder why would people think that having a close invitation functions is much cooler than having the message published by blogs such as IT-Sideways. It is like you are going to pay for some many thousands for Sunway Hotel, and then you close the door and start talking to the audience. But actually nobody knows what is happening even outside the room and worst still, your audience are (very likely) not going to talk about your message when they leave the room. You get what I am saying ? Means that you may want to tell your VP of marketing that it may be obsolete.

I think that it will be more effective if you create videos on YouTube and start to talk about your products or innovations with passion. People don't just want to buy things, they want to buy cool things. It has to be cool and down to earth. One example is this, and the best example is Steve Jobs' keynotes such as this one.

Blogs is also an effective media because people likes to read blogs than web sites. With blogs, you don't need to be politically correct and people likes that. Web site is boring, expected, lifeless. For instance, if you look at the web site of Accenture, of course everything is great. The only reason you look at it is ... depends. I look at for latest products and cool things. But I will buy it when Steve Jobs talked about it on keynotes. That makes the difference.

So, the upcoming ITEX (Invention, Innovation and Technology Exhibition) to be held on 14 May 2010, anyone going ? I don't think I have the time unless I dropped by KLCC.

I think those inventors should upload videos and blog about it and inform IT-Sideways. That is more cool.