Pranav Mistry - The SixthSense Device #2

Refer to Pranav Mistry - The SixthSense Device.

If you watch the video with audio, it will be more exciting. This makes sense because sound is one out of the senses.

The sixth senses as referred to by Pranav Mistry's SixthSense are actually the four fingers, visual (camera) and audio (microphone).

The best part of it is that you don't need sophisticated hardware to achieve what you have seen, it is all about software.

Pranav Mistry expressed intention to make the software open source which can mean many things.

First of all, I feel that he doesn't want to carry the burden that will result out of this crazy explosive concept. The invention here is a combination of the modules which make up the software such as machine vision, A.I and etc. So you can say that each module is an invention and the combination of them makes up for Pranav Mistry's SixthSense technology.

But what I want to say is that this concept is explosive and can have a lot of impacts on other things especially hardware business. It can change things forever.

So, if I were Pranav, being the founder will be good enough, I don't need to defeat the titans.

Secondly, based on the presentation, there are still a lot of room for improvements before it should be commercially available. And it may take another lifetime of Pranav to see that happen due to time limitation and cost management.

Thirdly, making it open source will be a big hoo-haa for software developer like me. Well, at least I am a software developer now as well as entrepreneur. It is exciting and there are so much potentials. This is more exciting than having linux to compete with Microsoft.

However, I haven't able to find the link to the source yet.

Finally, open source is a good for the society not for business. I know many CEOs of big software and hardware companies do not agree to open source movement.

Ok. If you can find the source, you may want to think about hiring some programmers.