Sygic’s new 3D product delivers a futuristic, content-rich navigation experience for pedestrians and drivers in Malaysia and Singapore

Tele Atlas, the world leader in high quality digital maps and dynamic content, and Sygic, a navigation software company, have announced that Tele Atlas maps and content are the foundation of the recently launched 3D navigation product Sygic AURA, which is now available in Malaysia and Singapore.
Sygic AURA combines professional car navigation with a pedestrian-centric application so that both drivers and pedestrians have access to information about the world around them, including 3D visuals. The product is designed for users of high end smartphones and will be available for mobile users around the world.

Sygic AURA is the first application on the market that goes beyond other mobile offerings to combine pedestrian and car navigation, map display, POI search and social networking, along with data-free access to pre-installed digital city guides and Wikipedia, letting the users drive, walk and meet, even at places they would never expect to be.

Sygic AURA is an iPhone Apps and you can download it from the AppStore.

Sygic AURA has GPS function, location based system (LBS) function, search function and etc. It may sound like a system which you can be completely online for 24 hours where it is able to integrate your location into the map as well as your avatar's activities.

In actual fact, it is a system which allows you to interact with objects that is available in maps. These objects are things like landmarks, person and etc and you can interact with these objects further such as calling up a hotel for reservations and messaging with friends.

In short, it is a social networking app with GPS and LBS functions.

A good illustration of a sample scenario with AURA.

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