Tohtonku Invests in Lawson M3 ERP System

Tohtonku; a leading provider of personal care and household products invested RM 1.24 million into Lawson M3 ERP system to further enhance its ICT infrastructure.

Tohtunku was established in 1964 in Penang and currently carries 19 brands which include the likes of Follow Me, Nuton Oxyfusion, Nanowhile, Secret, A'laisyah, Ubermen, Can Can and other household brands.

The investment to implement Lawson M3 ERP system allows Tohtunku to be equipped with the following capabilities:
  • Better visibility of supply chain
  • Enhanced efficiency
  • Faster decision making
  • Faster adoption to market changes

Lawson M3 ERP suite is a US based product, the regional headquarter is in Singapore and the local system integrator, implementer and consultant for Tohtunku is SL Information Services.

SL Information Services is the core partner for Lawson M3 ERP software in Malaysia and is winner of many industrial awards which include the 'Enterprise 50 Award'. SL Information Services have over the years, successfully implemented Lawson M3 ERP suite to other clients in malaysia particularly those in the category of FMCG such as Hap Seng, Lam Soon, Kian Joo and etc. As a result of this, it makes them the expert implementer in such genre of EPR implementation and consultation.

The regional director of Lawson M3 ERP described the differentiators of the software as:
  1. Having many FMCG success stories
  2. Targeting SME (small medium enterprise)
When asked about the strategies for future market, representatives from both Lawson software and SL Information Services consented that there are still borderless opportunities because of two reasons:
  1. Leverage on their expertise of successful implementations as best practices in the industry of FMCG
  2. Opportunities to offer better solutions to clients with existing ERP solutions
The implementation of Lawson M3 EPR suite for Tohtunku will be deployed to IBM Power Server E4A as the platform for high-performance computing cluster.

And the combination of Lawson, SL Information and IBM makes the dream team for Tohtunku investment.

The implementation of the software has already begun and will be expected to complete by end of 2010.

For Tohtunku, it is indeed value for money.