10th Malaysia Plan For ICT Related

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  • ICT
  • R&D
  • Human
  • Education
  • Infrastructure
  • Funds
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1. ICT

1.1 Adoption of ICT is the way forward.

Refer to point 14.

1.2 ICT is considered one of the twelve NKEAs.

Refer to '10.1 ST2.1 National Key Economic Areas (NKEAs)'

1.3 Facilities for rural areas.

Refer to 'ST5.2 Expanding Essential Facilities in Rural Areas/Point 88'

2.0 R & D

2.1 Focus given to R & D activities.

Refer to 'ST1.1 Shift of Focus to Non-Physical Infrastructure/Point 23'

2.2 Research Universities.

Refer to 'ST4.3 Raising Graduate Competence/Point 77'

3.0 Human & Education

3.1 Private sectors get to compete for jobs as training providers.

Refer to 'ST1.1 Shift of Focus to Non-Physical Infrastructure/Point 24'

3.2 World class civil service college to be established.

Refer to 'ST1.2 Improving Efforts for Human Capital Development in the Public Sector/Point 25'

4.0 Funds and Loans

4.1 Bankruptcy laws will be simplified to support a risk-taking culture.

Refer to 'ST2.4 Innovation-led Growth'

4.2 Working Capital Guarantee Scheme

Refer to 'ST2.8 Developing SMEs as the Engine of Growth and Innovation/Point 47'

  • Not much direct focus on ICT (compared to previous).
  • No ICT excitement anyway - no direct funds and grants.
  • You are on your own!