Hotlink Number Expired

After 3 months without reload, the number will be expired and is to be recycled back to the market. Unless you have subscribed to the 365 plan.

Once this happened, you can't top up the account to make it active again.

The is one way to get back the number; convert the number to postpaid account.

Here is what I have done and it works.
  1. Go to Maxis Center at Menara Maxis Jalan Ampang. You can't do it elsewhere, they will tell you it is not possible and there is no way to appeal.
  2. Request to convert the number to postpaid account. You will be given a new sim card for this purpose.
  3. You need to know two things:

    1. The number which you want to claim back
    2. The name and IC number of the person who had registered as prepaid owner of the number.
  4. Once you have submitted this request at the customer service counter, the request will be processed and Maxis will call you back within 1 working day to inform you of the outcome of the request. If successful, you will need to go back there to finish the process within 7 working days, otherwise the number will be recycled back to the market.
  5. For some reasons, usually they will discourage you from doing so (initially), you need to be nice to them and tell them that the number is important to you.
    Remember to smile and ask them nicely - very important

It can be done.


fook said…
hi Brandon, im facing this problem recently,i went to Taman dun and they cant help me on this, so may i know,
1. How long they can hold the no.?
2. U went to hotlink counter or maxis postpaid counter to the transfering?
3. Did they charge u for any service charges?

fook said…
hi, Brandon, i was facing this problem recently, i went to taman tun and they cant help me on this matter, so may i ask u few questions before i go there:
1. which counter should i go, hotlink or maxis postpaid?
2. How long they can hold the no.? and how long u did it
from the expired date?
3. did they charge u for any service charges?

Looking for ur reply

Thanks Brandon!

Chong KL
Brandon Teoh said…

Ok. Same with me. I went to Tmn Tun center first.


1.) I m not sure how long, that time I was expired for 1 or 2 days. And there are still credits in the number. But I think for them to put back to the recycle bin and go back to the market again may take some time. Unless your number is really attractive one, then I am not sure.

2.) You need to go the reception and briefly explained to them that your hotlink has expired and then you wish to own it back by converting it to postpaid. They will give you one number, that time I went to counter no.4 and the malay lady is really helpful. I can't remember her name.

3.) They charge me RM 30 to register the number as postpaid as sub number under my existing postpaid account. And you need to choose the package type, I chose the RM 10 plan.

If they won't help you, tell them that someone has done it before.
fook said…
Hi, i went to menara maxis this morning, and it's exactly like wat u said, they initially refuse to give back that no., until i request with my explanation. And finally the no. was converted to post paid.

Thanks for your info and sharing, at first i thought i gonna give up and lost this no. and felt really up set as this no. i bought RM388 012x881888.

Thanks again and nice to meet u.
Brandon Teoh said…

wah that is great.

Nice number.

No problem.
Unknown said…
Brandon, my case is same with u, i just back from oversea, but my number deactivated and recycle more than half year. I just check with local maxis centre, now is selling as prepard card. any nobody buy yet. can i request like u and get back the number? because the number is for my bank transaction code too. they will help me as well ? can convert to postpaid too if the number already selling as prepaid?
Brandon Teoh said…
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Brandon Teoh said…
hi MC Brian, sorry late reply.

Yup. I've done it before but that was sometime ago. Not sure if the policy still applies.

Just go to one of the few bigger Maxis center locations such as Tmn Tun or Maxis HQ at KLCC.

Tell them you you wish to own back the number, possibly bring some proof that you had own the number before - if you still keep the SIM pack.

Ask them to help.

If they reluctant, tell them that someone has done it before - that was me.

Or just print out the content of this blog.

Good luck !!!