Juniper Networks Malaysia Comments on 10th Malaysia Plan

According to En. Wan Ahmad Kamal of Juniper Networks Malaysia.

The 10th Malaysia Plan intends to ensure 75% household broadband penetration by 2015, promote and incentivise the development and use of green products and services, and connect Malaysian researchers to the global research community:

“The internet everywhere, has become an important enabler of the country's socio-economic development. With growth expected in online cloud computing, data centers and fixed and mobile applications, moving the country up the broadband value-chain will improve management efficiency, competitiveness and better collaborations with other eco-system partners worldwide.

Technological progress and innovation plays a central role in a country’s economic progress. Connecting Malaysia to the global community’s research and innovation networks will allow faster exchange and analysis of large volumes of information, driving innovation in areas as diverse as medicine, biotechnology, energy, and environmental sciences; while network innovation is lowering operating expenditures and allowing third party software developers to offer new business opportunities to the service providers by way of monetizing their network infrastructure.

The technology initiatives announced are therefore important; as they will help create a conducive environment to spur innovation and help build a knowledge-based economy focused on skills and productivity, to stimulate economic growth and development towards a higher-value economy.”

Check out the 10th Malaysia Plan.