SAS Malaysia Academic Program Roadmap

In conjunction with SAS Media Day 2010, Ms.Tan Siew Ling gave her insights into SAS Malaysia Academic program.

About Ms. Tan Siew Ling, Manager, Academic Program, SAS Malaysia

Siew Ling has more than 7 years of working experience and has more than 4 years teaching experience in tertiary education as a lecturer. She has involved in revising existing subjects and developing new subjects for new program in her previous job. Her expertise is in business analytics, data management and IT infrastructure. She graduated from Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Australia with a Master of Information Technology (Major in Information System).

1. What is the role of Academic program division in SAS Malaysia?

Partnering with education institutions in Malaysia to close the gaps between Academic and Business.

2. Which university has Ms. Tan Siew Ling lectured?

INTI University College, Nilai (currently known as INTI International University)

3. Which are Ms. Tan Siew Ling areas of expertise or research areas?

Databases, Websites development, Business Intelligence

4. What is the vision of SAS Malaysia in contributing to the education of Malaysia?

Our vision is to partner with all the universities and colleges to train students with SAS skills which are highly demanded in the market.

5. What do you think of the current status of Malaysia's education with respect to ICT industries?

The current status of Malaysia’s education with respect to ICT industries is slowly increasing since its drop in 2004. It is currently lacking of IT graduates with the right skill sets that meet the demand of the market.

6. Tell us about the roadmap of SAS syllabus in the education system.

Universities incorporated SAS into their existing subject syllabus which accredited by Malaysia Qualifying Association (MQA). We will provide consultation to look into which subjects are suitable to incorporate SAS solutions elements. Students or public who want to specialize in SAS for certain role, they can take up exam on SAS certification on their own.

7. What skills (technical and soft) would make a good SAS professional?

Both are equally important as SAS is being used at the technical and business fields. SAS professional not only need to be able to get the right data to generate the report for decision making, they also need to have good communication skill to liaise with managers in gathering their information.

8. What is the starting pay of fresh graduates being involved with SAS technology?

It is between RM2400 to RM2800 and above depending on their knowledge and skill set.

9. Have Malaysia able to export SAS professionals to other countries (particularly in the APAC region)?

In the education industry, there are many international students studying at local universities. SAS has rolled out the Student Ambassador program annually worldwide for students to submit their thesis paper on subjects taught by universities related to SAS Business Analytics. The recent winner who went to present her paper in SAS Global Forum at Seattle was an Iranian student studying at Multimedia University (MMU).

10. What is next trend in business intelligence context that students should get ready for?

Business Analytics, Data Integration, & Data warehouse.

11. Is there any reskilling programs for non-fresh graduates (entrepreneur initiative)?

SAS Malaysia’s Education Division has a complete list of training courses available for the public to sign-up to learn on SAS skills.

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