SAS Malaysia Goes to Berjaya Hills (3 June 2010 - 4 June 2010)

SAS Malaysia's executives went to Berjaya Hills and they are joined by bunch of tech. writers, evangelists and Pi PR.

Pi(pronounced Pie) PR is a media consultancy company focusing on ICT industry.

The team from Pi PR consists of Judy Wong, Lynn Lee and Lee Ting Ting.

The whole event was filled with cheers,energy and confidence....

First cheer happened when the shuttle bus was taking the team going up to The Japanese Garden where the slope was pretty steep and the whole team and the bus cheered up. It went up anyway.

The second cheer happened when the shuttle was taking the team to the bowling alley during night time. It was really exciting as if going into the Jurassic park. They cheered anyway and tried to perform Mexican wave in the bus.

The third; bowling.

Bowling is a great sports for amateurs. It is more fun to play bowling if you are not a professional. On the night itself, SAS Malaysia and all-combined produced 33 strikes (1st round) and 48 strikes (2nd round). So 81 (33 + 48) is a good number, because 8 represents two zeroes and together with the 1, it equates 100%. Otherwise, if you put it as 001, it means 1 and number 1 is always good.

It was absolutely amazing and very 1Malaysia. It is a total transformation experience; as you can see Mr. Jimmy Cheah (Managing Director) was literally dancing on the alley.

The SAS executive team exhibits great dynamics with respect to team work and demonstrated a spirit of professional mutual respect and love. It is a strong team under the current leadership of Mr. Jimmy Cheah.

The whole event was inspiring and just what one's need to recharge and get balance.

Welcome to SAS Malaysia Media day 2010.

The SAS Malaysia executive team consists of ...

  1. Mr. Jimmy Cheah - Managing Director, SAS Malaysia
  2. Mr. Roger Ling - Research Manager of IDC Malaysia
  3. Ms. Helen Lim - Director of Presales, Financial Services Industry, SAS Malaysia
  4. En. Ahmad Shukri - Director of Governement Practice, SAS Malaysia
  5. En. Sheikh Manzoor Ghani - Director, Performance Management, SAS Malaysia
  6. Mr. Allan Tham - Head of Technology Practice, SAS Malaysia
  7. Mr. Jonathan Lee - Senior Manager, Alliances & Channels, SAS Malaysia
  8. Cik. Saleena Mohd Ali - Director, Customer Strategy, SAS Malaysia
  9. Ms. Tan Siew Ling - Manager, Academic Program, SAS Malaysia
More about SAS: SAS is the leader in business intelligence and analytical software and services. Customers at 43,000 sites use SAS software to improve performance through insight from data, resulting in faster, more accurate business decisions; more profitable relationships with customers and suppliers; compliance with governmental regulations; research breakthroughs; and better products and processes. Only SAS offers leading data integration, storage, analytics and business intelligence applications within a comprehensive enterprise intelligence platform. Since 1976, SAS has been giving customers around the world THE POWER.

More about PiPR: "Pi PR provides the media consultancy to unravel your IT offering into a palatable message that the masses can relate to, communicating your IT business for optimal positioning in the minds of its target audience.

Combining this with media services to work the media in that you receive the due exposure for your IT product, concept and brand.

Founder and director Lee Ting Ting has had more than 12 years of working experience in the IT line with a myriad of experience. Besides 6 years of IT journalism for local mainstreams, she ran a successful PR agency catering to technology companies for 3 years, with the final 3 years was spent working for IT vendors in the capacities out of the usual marketing communication-type roles ie. In Sales, Presales and Project Management.