SAS Media Day 2010 - Conclusion

In conjunction with SAS Media Day 2010.

In terms of my own analysis and the appreciation of what came out of the SAS Media Day 2010.

Business Analytics:

SAS Malaysia is a US based company with core focus on Business Analytics.

Business Analytics used to be known as business intelligence which is a bigger concept of data warehousing, data mining and reporting.

Check out the official and details of what Business Analytics is all about here.

In short Business Analytics is about making sense of the data and make good use of it. For instance, how do you know when to sell high and sell low ? You need Business Analytics.

The New Normal:

Roger Ling, Research Manager of IDC Malaysia presented the concept of The New Normal.

The New Normal is a contradict of the Old Normal. Old Normal means normal, thus New Normal means it is normal but in a new way. In short, new normal means what's more you can do out of what you have?

In terms of SAS and the business of Business Analytics, the Old Normal looks really normal. Roger Ling from IDC explains this as such that when the world was engulfed in the economy crisis, by theory, the market should shrink. Ironically, the market for Business Analytics didn't. As such, spending what is necessary makes the premise for cost saving and apart from doing all sorts of product compounding and consolidation activities, Business Analytics (End user query reporting and advanced analytic market) also contributes to cost saving. I do not have the actual figures, but we can check with IDC on this.

And for The New Normal, Roger Ling presented that that Social Media Analytics is what going to be a big factor.

Social Media Analytics:

For Social Media Analytics, according to presentation of Ms. Helen Lim (Director of Presales, Financial Services Industry, SAS Malaysia), is about analyzing what's publicly available from the Outside (of the corporate) particularly the Internet and use the data to make better decision for the corporate. This actually blends well with the business of Business Analytics.

The values of Social Media Analytics are:
  • Protect Brands
  • Better Customer Service
  • Analytics for Marketing
And SAS Malaysia is gamed for it already. Solution comes in the form of:
  • Data Analysis
  • Integrated data with CRM and marketing system
  • Follow-up consulting services
How the Data are being analyzed ?
  1. Collect data
  2. Grouping (classification) of data
  3. Presentation of data
And the industries that most likely will become early adopters of Social Media Analytics are:
  • Hospitality
  • Automobile
  • Banking
  • Online Retail
  • Telecommunication

Software As A Service(SaaS):

Social Media Analytics is still in the early stage and it will probably take a year or two for it to happen. However, SAS thinks that the critical success factor is Software as a service (SaaS) which is powered by cloud computing. SaaS yields the benefits of:
  1. Low entry barrier (plug and play)
  2. Low upfront investments
  3. Faster time to market
According to Allan Tham (Head of Technology Practice, SAS Malaysia), SAS is SaaS ready. SAS' SaaS readiness can be measured in terms of the following developments.
  • 2008 Q1 - Business Intelligence SaaS
  • 2008 Q3 - Campaign management SaaS
  • 2010 Q2 - Social Media Analytics
Volatility and Business:

With SaaS, we are talking about standard solutions and crazy business dynamics; anything can happen to your business anytime. For this, was explained by Ahmad Shukri (Director of Governement Practice, SAS Malaysia) in the presentation of 'Volatility and You'. According to Ahmad Shukri, there is a way to measure volatility which is via Volatility Index (VIX) and SAS has best practices for that.

So, the gifts which SAS Malaysia presented to you are 3S:

Social Media Analytics, SaaS, Speed.

In my opinion, business is getting harder to do and one really can't live without software. If your competitors are using Business Analytics, you better use Business Analytics.

For entrepreneurs, you know what you should be looking forward to ?