Information Revolution Free Flow Ending

At my age, I have lived through 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s.

The Internet came to my life at about year 1999, during the time I was at college. In fact, Internet came to my generation at year 1994 while I was form 4. Me and my family wasn't the first adopter of the 56 kbps Internet connection, but I do know a few friends who did.

Those were the days.

The Internet changed a lot of things, crazy. It was all started by Yahoo, ICQ and then Google. Not to forget those days heroes like Catcha, Alta vista, Hotmail, MiRC and etc. I can't actually remember much. Yahoo was really a very deep impression and Google really came during my college years.

During those days, if whoever can search and archive information quickly and efficiently will be king. Particularly before the Internet age and even during the early days of Internet, that is how Google become important.

Today at 2010, things are a little bit more different. Even though search engine technologies are still considered to be infant stage as claimed by some experts which include Marissa Mayer of Google, no longer one will live king's life by having ability to search and archive information. Things are getting easier and more automated.

In fact, pretty soon, we don't even need to search and archive, it will be 'by default' or 'built-in' somewhere. So, this is what I see it is coming.

We are at a stage where the world has pretty much plenty of information contributors and the tools are getting better to discover such contributed information and even to verify it. Thus, contributors of information are actually not King because for the same topic, readers have the option to choose from many different contributions (different writers).

In this manner, the King is the technology (information technology). Nevertheless, such technology is still not yet sophisticated enough and having rooms for improvements. However, at the pace of technology innovation (particularly software), we are getting to a boiling point.

And when we reached there, information contributors will become King again because the technology has matured. Everybody can search, can archive, can audit and analyse, what we need more are individualistic and emotional contents; something different, daring and real.

Let's take one example.

Information about Ananda Krishan.

When technology matures, there is no doubt that we will not know anything about 'Usaha Tegas Sdn. Bhd.', not due to missing hyperlinks, information misplaced or data lost. If it is there, you will find it.

But we need someone to contribute to it, we need a writer to write about it.

Today, there seems to be not much information about it, there is not even official website.

If someone decided to research and write something about 'Usaha Tegas Sdn Bhd', he or she will not gain the crown yet because people are busy with reading other more popular contents, so your contribution will be ignored.

However, when the technology matures, your contribution will be king because we can always read other popular information later because it will be there. But we are more concern about what information that is not yet there.

The 'ending' is referring to where it ends to start a new beginning.