The Legendary Premier League Manager in Facebook

Do you have what it takes to be called Legendary Fantasy Football Manager? FanXT, a global fantasy sports provider, recently launched a Fantasy Premier League Facebook application that offers you the chance to be just that.

This fantasy football application is interestingly different than other normal fantasy football apps because, fantasy managers actually can earn their way to achieve rank titles, from Rookie to Legendary Manager, the highest honour. There are total of 10 ranks to be received. You even get to show-off your rank insignia on your Facebook’s news feed.

Managers also earn virtual medals and trophies for football achievements his fantasy teams accomplish, for instance, if your player scored a hat-trick, you get a special hat-trick medal. Even completing your first 11 player gets you rewarded with a Manager Service Medal, which immediately gets prompted when you save your team.

Other than offering bragging rights along the way, this fantasy football app also features other bonuses like,
  • Earn £0.5 mil extra budget when the friends you invited joined
  • Earn over 14 medals & trophies
  • Earn experience points as you progress
  • Get EPL live scores, live match commentaries, results, news & more
This Fantasy Premier League application is provided by Fantasy4All, and also available on web, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, mobile WAP, mobile Java, Nokia WRT and Maemo. Link:

About FanXT

FanXT is a global fantasy sports brand that offers fantasy sports apps like football, cricket, F1, tennis, golf, cycling and more. Its fantasy sports apps are available in web, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, mobile WAP, mobile Java, Nokia WRT and Maemo. []  

About Fantasy4All

Fantasy4All is a global fantasy sports solution provider that offers fantasy sports application such as Fantasy World Cup, Fantasy UFC, Premier League, Champions League, F1, cricket and even Fantasy Olympics. Our fantasy sports application runs on web, mobile, Facebook, iPhone, Android, Blackberry and soon Google TV and Yahoo! TV. []