MSSQL 2005 Express More Than 4 GB But Still Running

By right, MSSQL 2005 Express edition only allows a maximum of database size 4 GB. Refer to here.

However, I have a scenario where even it shows more than 4 GB but it is still workable.

So, how to check for the actual 'MSSQL database size' ?

You can actually use the store procedure called 'sp_spaceused'

For my scenario...

You can see that 'database_size' indicator is showing 4.66613 GB. Right ?

However, it is still able to work (able to store data).

So, if the limitation of 4 GB is real (which no one can really confirm), then it is not referring to the 'database_size' indicator if you are querying using stored procedure 'sp_spaceused'.

Instead, my scenario suggests that the 4GB should be the 'data' indicator; 'Total amount of space used by data'. As you can see, the 'data' indicator shows only 2.73 GB, which I think explains why it is still working.

Therefore, if you want to know when will your MSSQL 2005 Express edition's database going to trigger the 'panic' exception, you need to use 'sp_spaceused' to check the 'data' indicator instead of using the property screen which only shows 'size' which is the 'database_size' and 'size' which is the 'unallocated space'.

And when your MSSQL 2005 Express edition really reaches 4GB limitation, do let me know.

Refer to 'MSSQL 2005 Express Database Size (Observation #1)'


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