My Idea On Creating An Earthing For Home Based Broadband Network

Just recently, my PC at home was damaged due to lightning surge.

In fact, it wasn't the first time lightning ever strike and spoiled computer stuffs in my house.

Usually, if the modem or router is connected to the telephone line and when lightning happens, the device will be spoiled. In this case, the device is usually turned off.

However, what happened that day was that the router is turned on and the telephone line is connected and then lightning strike. It caused a sudden surge in electricity which was evident from sudden dim in the lamps.

My poor PC which has the network cable connected to the same router was damaged.

The first thing I noticed was the network card totally failed. Windows XP couldn't detect it and then a few minutes later, the death blue screen. And the system had to restart and then the same thing happened again. This is a symptom of motherboard damage.

The fact is that the network card is built-in to the motherboard, so that explains. From network card to mother board, it was 'grounded'.

So, I figure that had the network cable not connected to the PC, it will not become a conductor for earthing. Then maybe the router would have been spoiled.

So, my idea is that why not in the future, I should just get a spoiled network card and connect it to the router via a network cable to serve as 'earth'. This will be a DIY lightning protection system for Malaysia home based broadband network. Check out here for more ideas.

Then, I can surf the Internet even during lightning strike. Please don't do that, maybe just for emergency.

But please try to turn off all electronics devices during heavy thunderstorm. Based on this experience, you may even have to pull out the power plug. However, usually lightning surge happens originated from the telephone cable; in Malaysia household.