Tips fo Graphic Designer Job Application

My business partners requested me to do resumes filtering.

Here are my tips for applicants.

Graphic designer is a kind of job based on creativity, emotions and inspirations.

It is hard to have black and white requirements.

Thus since there is no black and white requirements for matching, I will have to choose based on elaborated experiences. Try to elaborate more.

By just mentioning Adobe Photoshop skills and etc is not good enough. This is because you are expected to know anyway.

Write more stories and your inspirations.

Do not write irrelevant stuffs like working as sales promoter. You can tell this in the interview which will definitely help. Just don't black and white it.

If you do not have direct experience, try to elaborate on your dreams, visions,inspirations and goals in the industry.

Students should try to do more freelance works.

Describe your works done and challenges faced and how you solved them.

Publish your works done somewhere so that you can share it out as web links.

These are what I am NOT particularly pay attention to:
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Your expected to have skills (like Adobe photoshop, illustrator)
  • Your institution (school)