Traffic Jam Buster - For New Normal Lifestyle

This is my idea on resolving traffic jam problems around us.

I have submitted this as an entry to MyPrize for 'idea' category.

Basically, my idea that the traffic is so jam because there are just too many cars on the road than expected.

And since implementing car pooling is not as easy as we hope to be (due to security and other issues), I have thought that another good way is for us to not living the convention standard of having Saturday and Sunday as the common public holiday, so that if Monday to Friday have at lot of traffic congestions, we need to take some of these cars and put it to Saturday and Sunday.

In other words, why not some people work on Saturday and Sunday voluntarily ?

However, sometimes it may not be possible to do that, so each of us got to take turns. (Sometimes you really need to take Sunday off).

And we can't just rely on our own scheduling system to randomly decide which day we wanted as replacement for Saturday and Sunday, because our decisions may affect other parties such as family, friends, colleagues, customers and etc.

Thus, we need a system which will help to resolve all scheduling conflicts amongst our social networks and recommends the best options for us.

Check out the write-up for more details.

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