XFunD - Extra Fund Deals

I have thought about this idea about 2 years ago.

It is called XFunD - Extra Fun Deals.

The idea of XFunD is to provide some sort of automation for consumers to make better decisions in terms of purchasing items.

When we want to buy something, what do we look for ? --> Price.

However, more often that usual, the following information can be very helpful even for better case of personal financing.
  • Budget
  • Priority
  • Alternatives (comparison and reviews)
  • Availability
  • Lifestyle related information ? Has any celebrity used it ?
  • Mutual friends (People who had bought similar items) ?
XFunD works by having a consumer to send information such as an image of a torch light to the system to trigger the processing and analysis. The system will feedback the consumer with all information as listed above.

XFunD helps consumers to live a better quality life by doing more things within a short period of time.

XFunD is essential a mobile automation solution.

XFunD needs mobile broadband solution because consumers need to be connected to automation solutions whenever necessary.

XFunD is a helpful extension of existing busy life of city folks not just in Malaysia, but around the world.

Check out the write-up for submission to MyPrize.