Astro New Web Site

I visited Astro at Damansara Uptown and they told me to comment on the newly launched website;

I am no Astro subscriber, just went there to do something.

My guess is that this is a revamped website.

According to the person promoting it, it is supposed to replace freely distributed magazine, which is now non-free.

So, the website now caters for many functions which include checking out your bills and all sort of content navigation.

This is a green initiative and good for Astro, bad for the printing industry.

I think in a few years to come, printed material will be classified as premium; very high class and expensive item.

Brace for change!

And about my comments for this new website, I wrote there 'ok lar, the color a bit dull'.

Sure, my guess is that the design template must be crafted out of some CMS (content management system) template. Joomla or Drupal or etc ? What do you think ?