VB6 Round

The default 'round' function in VB6 is actually a round-up function.

2.567 round-up to 1 decimal is 2.6.

So, how about round-down ?

2.567 round-down to 1 decimal is 2.5

Ok. First of all the functions of 'cint', 'clng' will automatically perform round-up.

This means that let's say 695 divide by 60 = 11.5833333333

If you use an 'integer' type variable to store the result of 695 divide by 60, you will get 12 automatically (instead of 11.583333)

So, you have to make use of 'double' type variable to store the result.

Then, when I want to round-down to zero decimal. My solution is to make use of string shifting, by locating the position of decimal point and then perform left or right substring.

The solution that works for me is (for round-down to zero decimal point).

Dim myTotal As Long 
Dim myTemp1 As Double 
Dim myTemp2 As String 
Dim tempPos As Integer

myTemp1 = Round(myTotal / 60, 2) 
' look for the position of decimal point 
tempPos = InStr(1, CStr(myTemp1), ".") 
If tempPos > 0 Then 
myTemp2 = Left(CStr(myTemp1), tempPos - 1) 
Else myTemp2 = myTemp1 
End If 
earlyHH = CLng(myTemp2)

Ok. Now the question is this the best method ?

Or is there a mathematical alternative to this solution ?

To analyse this question, let's first take a look at how floating points are represented in computer process.

It is represented using IEEE standards, which consists of three components;
  • Sign
  • Exponent
  • Mantissa
In other words, the decimal point or the fraction point is not permanently being represented. It is only represented in logic or computation.

Refer to here.

It suggests that 'Rounding' belongs to transcendental mathematical functions as compared to algebraic functions.

Therefore, to process round-up or round-down, you need to have logic. Plus, minus, divide and multiply is not enough. Knowing the position of the fraction is a must.

So, the logic of round-down is actually more simpler than round-up. I guess this is why the default 'round' function caters for round-up.

For instance..

Round Up:

2.5 --> (round up via logic) 3

Maths --> 2.5 + 0.5

2.4 --> (round up via logic) 2

Maths --> 2.4 + 0.4 = 2.8 = 2 (if fraction still exists, then ignore).

Round Down:

2.5 --> (round down via logic) 2

Maths --> 2.5 - 0.5

2.4 --> (round down via logic)2

Maths --> 2.4 - 0.4

In VB.NET, there is a function 'System.Math.Truncate' where you can obtain a double by cutting away the decimal, similar to round-down. However, it is not a full round-down function.


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