Google Apps API vs Facebook Apps API

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Understanding Google Apps APIs


Integrate with Facebook APIs

Facebook calls its API Graph APIs while Google calls it Google Apps APIs.

Both are quite similar, except that Google offers a bigger context with inclusion of Google App Engine as cloud computing platform.

Both caters for APIs to allow your custom application to retrieve data from within their own environments. This is the core purpose of the API.

API Comparison:

API TypeFacebookGoogle
Single Sign OnYesYes
QueryYes (FQL)Yes (The Google Visualization API Query Language)

Data Comparison:

Facebook: Any data that is related to user profile in Facebook such as photos, friends' list.

Google: Data from Google Apps (Gmail,Contacts,Calendar,Sites,Document,Spreadsheet,Wave Extension).

Common Features:

1.0 Both platform requires you to provide your own hosting environment. Except that for Google, it also provides the Google App Engine which is a platform for cloud computing and you can host your application for free with limited quota.

2.0 Both supports open source programming languages like Java, PHP, Javascript, Python.

3.0 Both doesn't provide GUI libraries (components). This means that if you need to have calendar in your custom app, you cannot make use of the calendar library from Google, you can only retrieve the data and thus still need to build your own calendar component.

4.0 Both requires application for access to the APIs hence reserve rights to terminate your access if rules are violated.

Grey Areas:

1.0 Facebook has the social plugin while Google has the gadgets.

2.0 Google does provide some libraries on top of its APIs such as the Javascript visualization components for reporting purposes.

Sample Custom Applications:

Facebook : Build an application to consolidate photos of all friends (and their friends) into a single repository.

Google : Build an application to consolidate spreadsheet data and perform business analytics.