Leverage on Cloud Computing Idea to Benefit Enterprise Datacenter and Network Infrastructure

Refer to the article Building A Cloud-Read Datacenter Network by Wan Ahmad Kamal published by TechCentral.

Juniper Networks talks about using cloud computing concept to benefit the deployment of enterprise datacenter and network infrastructure

The possible benefits are 1.) Simplify, 2.) Share 3.) Secure.

This is good for enterprise because of:

1. Simplify.

With simplified technology deployment, it is going to improve your ROI. Not only that you will pass less for technical expertise, you can also retain the same set of deployment for a much longer period.

Simplify also means, standardized. In the case of computer networking where standards are norm, it means even more standardized.

This will definitely lower down deployment cost.

2. Share

More availability, more up time, and more ubiquitous.

This will become value add to your deployment definitely.

3. Secure.

Cloud computer technologies come with a lot of enhanced security best practices.

Thus, if an enterprise network infrastructure is not secure enough, leveraging on cloud computing techniques will help.

What is most important thing is that security is built-in.

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