ThinkPad T61 Is No More Selling, Go For Thinkpad T410

My 4 years old Thinkpad R60 is really going to retire. Recently, its screen backlight is not lightning up. I need to bypass to a monitor.

But for a RM 4000.00 with 4 years duration and average usage of 12 hours per day (approximation), I think it deserves a salute.

Just when I thought about the possibility of upgrading to Thinkpad T61, my friend told me that I am outdated as well.

The truth is that Thinkpad T61 is no more in the market, now for T Series, there is T410.

Check out the Lenovo Malaysia website for details.

What is even more surprising is that the website also published retails prices which are supposed to be all-same for all over Malaysia.

This is good.

For Thinkpad T Series, it ranges from RM 3,999.00 to RM 5,130.00.

I think Lenovo(IBM) Thinkpad laptops are still the best laptop in the world.


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