Client Server Sample (VB.NET) Using Remoting

Using 'system.runtime.remoting' instead of '' to create a client server text based instant messaging program.

It is a multi-client single server architecture.

It is much easier to develop because using 'socket', one needs to go low level.

The fact is that 'remoting' will make use of 'socket' in the background.

However, the concept of 'remoting' is bigger, takes longer time to learn and understand. 'Remoting' was meant to replaced DCOM and other distributed programming concept in Microsoft platform. In fact, the next concept which is replacing 'remoting' is Windows Communication Foundation (WCF).

Download the sample code (VB.NET Visual Studio 2008 SP1).

For your reference,

Refer to a client server sample (VB.NET) program using ''.

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