HP New CEO Léo Apotheker

Yesterday HP announced new CEO Léo Apotheker, who was ex-SAP AG CEO.

Mark Hurd is famous for cost-cutting, which even earned him many hate fans. However, the biggest contribution of Mark Hurd was to move HP away from relying too much on selling printers and focus on services. It was a good strategy given that we are talking about green IT now.

Nevertheless, countries like Malaysia will still keep printing a lot of stuffs for sure. So, HP can still count on selling printers in Malaysia.

My thoughts are that each CEO are hired for different reasons, different expectation for execution plans.

And there are already many people giving different opinions, which doesn't really matter a lot, but just nice to read.

I think HP is trying to do something on enterprise software.

Talking about enterprise software; SAP, Oracle, Microsoft all have respectable market share.