Juniper Networks Innovates Towards a More Sustainable Future

Juniper Networks has issued its first annual Corporate Citizenship and Sustainability Report (PDF), which highlights the company’s initiatives around green IT, employee and community engagement and global business operations. Juniper invests more than $800 million annually in R&D to improve product designs and help customers integrate sustainable networking principles into their own operations.

The company provides increased efficiency in IT environments through device efficiency, consolidated devices, simplified architectures and enabling cloud computing. As examples, Juniper Networks’ EX4200 and EX8200 switches use roughly eight to ten percent less power than similar competitive platforms.

The report states that the company has replaced a number of physical servers in its lab and data center environments with virtual servers, reducing the company’s server footprint and reated energy consumption by 30 percent, since 2008. Juniper says its simplified data center network design requires fewer devices and interconnections, leading to improved efficiencies, power and cooling. For example, in a data center of 3,000 GbE attached servers, a simplified design with Juniper Networks EX Series switches consumes more than 40 percent less power than a traditional design based on a three-layer architecture.

Check out details and the 'Corporate Citizenship And Sustainability Report'