Juniper Networks Joins Climate Savers Computing Initiative Board

Juniper Networks announced that it has joined the board of the Climate Savers Computing Initiative (CSCI), a global non-profit consortium dedicated to reducing power consumption in information and communications technology (ICT), by increasing the energy efficiency of computing equipment, increasing the adoption and deployment of power management, and shifting user behaviour to smart computing practices.

The initiative, formed in 2007, is led by Cisco, CSC, Dell, Emerson Network Power, Google Inc., HP, Intel, Juniper Networks, Microsoft, and the World Wildlife Fund. The CSCI goal is to reduce annual CO2 emissions from the IT sector by 54 million metric tons by June 2011, to reduce the environmental impact of new and emerging IT equipment.

New research shows that annual CO2 emissions from IT equipment have decreased by 32 – 36 million metric tons worldwide since 2007 : equivalent to taking nine coal-fired power plants offline and equal to more than US$2 billion in annual energy savings. The research showed that the IT sector is on target to achieve CSCI reduction goal by the end of its 2010 fiscal year in June 2011.

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