Malaysia Budget 2011 (ICT Related)

First of all, refer to ICT related excitement for the 10th Malaysia Plan.

We browse through based on the following keywords.
  • ICT
  • R&D
  • Human
  • Education
  • Infrastructure
  • Funds
  • Loans
  • Mobile
  • Green IT

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The followings are what is related.

4. Enhancing the skills of graduates including:

b) Allocation of RM50 million to train ICT graduates.

5. Venture capital, especially high technology sectors.

b) Start-up fund amounting to RM100 million to provide soft loans.

14. Creating an innovative digital economy.

a) Implementing a MY Creative Content programme with an allocation of RM119 million.

b) Extending the investment allowance period for last mile broadband service providers, and exemption of import duty and sales tax on broadband equipment to 2012.

c) Exemption of sales tax on all types of mobile phones.

17. Research, development and commercialisation (R&D&C) activity will be intensified with an allocation of RM411 million.

So, the excitement is on mobile, Internet and content industry.

Refer to mobile related blogs.

So we are expecting to see surge in terms of smartphone adoptions, mobile and digital lifestyle intensified.

It has a lot of lifestyle elements in it.