Malaysia Pushing For Green IT

The recent announcement of budget 2011 wasn't all about green stuff, there was just one part mentioning green technologies.

It states that hybrid cars will enjoy 100% sales tax and import duty exceptions.

Proton immediately announced plans to produce hybrid cars by 2011 the next day.

Perhaps green initiatives has the potential of generating some market excitement which is literally lacking in this society. People just don't really care much about it, there are other bigger things to worry about.

Juniper Networks has recently announced company’s initiatives around green IT, employee and community engagement and global business operations.

Amazon has also announced a patent which will lead towards green initiative for its e-commerce business. In the proposal, Amazon plans to charge customers to go green by allowing options for green goods delivery choices; which will cost more.

And Google invested in wind farms as part of it green-oriented investment strategy.

Small players in the industry will not see much benefits from Green IT momentum.

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