Social Economical Intelligence

This is my new idea on contributing to human evolution.

I have submitted this as an entry to MyPrize's 'Idea' category.

Basically everything has a pattern. Every lifestyle is a pattern and what if there are relationships between patterns ?

If we can have a system which can identify these relationships, then we can yield intelligence; social economical intelligence.

Let's take football matches result. If we can associate football matches result with weather, political sentiments, location based sentiments, crude oil prices and etc, then we are able to yield certain intelligence.

As such that for football team-A, 90% of the time when goals are kicked, are associated with what factors ?

Using similar idea, we can apply to other areas of our lives which will give rise to different types of intelligence.

Social economical intelligence can be useful for the followings:
  • Content & advertising
  • Entertainment
  • Education
  • Research
  • National security
  • Humanity history archiving
Check out the write-up for more details.

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