Client Server Sample (VB.NET) Using Remoting Version 2

Refer to version 1.

This is an enhanced version which is better.

This version is still single server and multi-client.

In this version, both client and server will expose remoting interfaces and connect to each other. This is the best practice.

It also caters for the following features.
  • Cater for TCP or HTTP connection options
  • Implements leasing and sponsorship for remoting objects lifetime management
Download the sample code (VB.NET Visual Studio 2008 SP1).

Refer to other remoting samples.


Unknown said…
I have one issue, when i try to install server application in server and client application in client pc and runs, it is not detecting server (I mean when a client trying to connect server) its not connecting. Instead, if I run client and server application on one PC then its connecting. Kindly let me know the issue plz.
Brandon Teoh said…
hi. It will not automatically bypass firewall.

Please check bypass firewall or turn off firewall accordingly.
Anonymous said…
Wonderful code!!! But why do you need to have delays for stopping the server? Thanks.
Brandon Teoh said…
delays for stopping the server...

It was experimental - not necessary as long as you unregister all channels properly.


I have a revised version. Email ( me your email so that I can email you the latest revision.