Juniper Networks Expands Leading Security Services Gateway Line to Address Small to Mid-Size Data Centers

Juniper Networks announced general availability the SRX1400, the newest member of its leading SRX product line. The SRX1400 is a consolidated security services gateway ideal for securing small to mid-size enterprise, service provider and mobile operator data center environments.

“Not only does the SRX1400 help companies migrate their mid-size data centers to 10Gbps, but it also helps them reduce costs in the process,” said Wan Ahmad Kamal, Managing Director, Juniper Networks Malaysia. “The SRX1400 consolidates multiple security functions, including our new AppSecure application security capabilities, on a single services gateway, providing the flexibility to scale bandwidth and services in the future.”

For mobile service providers, the SRX1400 is a cost-effective solution that delivers security at scale to their core networks and protects against a variety of attacks and unauthorized access on critical infrastructure including the internet connection on the Gi interface, roaming exchanges and signaling networks. With its separate control and data planes, the SRX 1400 combines carrier-class resiliency with advanced inspection and protection capabilities developed specifically for mobile networks and applications.

The SRX1400 simplifies management and configuration with an integrated, single security policy and device management system for multiple security services. With excellent 1 and 10 GbE port density built-in and room for expansion, the modular design of the SRX1400 uses interchangeable cards from the SRX3000 line providing investment protection and simplifying sparing logistics.

The SRX1400 consolidates multiple security services and functions into one compact system by tightly integrating the configuration, security policy and device management of these services within the Junos operating system. Data center, enterprise and service provider security services include: stateful inspection of IPv4, IPv6, Streams Control Transmission Protocol, IPsec VPN, SSL decryption, IP and GTP hardware assisted Quality of Service, dynamic and virtual routing, AppSecure, Network Address Translation and application level gateways for IPv4 and v6, SCTP and GTP protocols.

The SRX 1400 is available now and starts at US$30,000.


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